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¡¶ Phosphoric Acid: Purification, Uses, Technology, and Economics  ¡·

Author£º Rodney Gilmour


• Describes purified phosphoric acid and its derivatives, including polyphosphoric acid and the industrial phosphates, which have global applications in electronic, pharmaceutical, dental, food, and industrial fields
    • Sets out the development of the latest production technologies and discusses their relative merits with costs, raw materials, and chemical and energy requirements
    • Covers the purification steps and their individual unit operations, plus the choices chemists and chemical engineers face in choosing a process and plant configuration
    • Considers sustainability, health, and the environment while discussing phosphatic resources, manufacturing processes, and phosphate product safety
    • Devotes a chapter to the commissioning of both purified acid and phosphate salt plants
    • Contains comprehensive lists of representative references and patents

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