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¡¶ MWW-Type Titanosilicate ¡·

Author£º Wu, P., Xu, H., Xu, L., Liu, Y., He, M.


• Provides a complete overview of the Ti-MWW catalyst
    • Describes detailed synthesis methods for preparing Ti-MWW that differ from conventional techniques
    • Shows the special role of Ti-MWW titanosilicate in structure change, which improves its catalytic performance
    • Covers useful reactions catalyzed by Ti-MWW zeolite
    This book provides a comprehensive review of a new generation of selective oxidation titanosilicate catalysts with the MWW topology (Ti-MWW) based on the research achievements of the past 12 years. It gives an overview of the synthesis, structure modification and catalytic properties of Ti-MWW. Ti-MWW can readily be prepared by means of direct hydrothermal synthesis with crystallization-supporting agents, using dual-structure-directing agents and a dry-gel conversion technique. It also can be post-synthesized through unique reversible structure transformation and liquid-phase isomorphous substitution. The structural conversion of Ti-MWW into the materials usable for processing large molecules is summarized. Taking advantage of the structure diversity of the lamellar precursor of Ti-MWW, it can be fully or partially delaminated, and undergo interlayer silylation to obtain a novel structure with larger porosity. In the selective oxidation (alkene epoxidation and ketone/aldehyde ammoximation) with hydrogen peroxide or organic peroxide as an oxidant, the unique catalytic properties of Ti-MWW are described in comparison to conventional titanosilicates such as TS-1 and Ti-Beta.

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