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"The General Catalogue of Chinese Genealogy" nears completion


SHANGHAI Library will complete compilation of "The General Catalogue of Chinese Genealogy", listed as a state key publishing project of the "eleventh five-year programme", by the end of this year and will make online searching service available very immediately.

Shanghai Library is reputed both domestically and internationally for its rich collection of genealogies. Since the library re-opened in December 1996, the reading room of Chinese genealogies has received a large number of visitors from all walks of life, home and abroad, to trace histories of their own families. But it was still not possible to make all its genealogy holdings accessible to interested readers.

In 2000, Shanghai Library kicked off the compilation of a general catalogue of Chinese genealogies to realize people's dreams of seeking the roots of their ancestors. The programme has received supports from libraries, institutions and private collectors from scores of countries and regions. By now, the programme has gathered nearly 80 thousand titles from around the world and has confirmed 50 thousand acquisitions by excluding the repetitions.

The electronic edition of the "General Catalogue" will be online available soon after the completion of compilation. New information gathered will be added synchronously, making the world's biggest search engine for Chinese genealogies, and offering Chinese people all over the world with details of their family histories when and where they need.