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Newspaper Clipping Information Services on Special Subjects

Newspaper Clipping Information Services on Special Subjects


1. Financial Analysis Reference Material contains clippings of the commentaries and reports on various hot spots from Chinese and English newspapers published both at home and abroad, including mainland macro-economy, policy and rules, financial systems, Chinese and foreign financial and banking management, operation and analysis, major banks, important measures, events and news about financial organizations, general financial and fiscal information, economy and enterprise reform, foreign currencies, securities, insurance and real estate. This newspaper clipping series is provided specially for the reference of large banks, enterprise groups and financial organizations. It is issued twice a week, containing 70 A4-sized pages.

2. World Expo Newspaper Clipping is a product concentrating on the theme of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and based on over 400 Chinese and foreign newspapers. This clipping collects news reports about the world expo and provides readers with the latest information about the world expo. The World Expo Newspaper Clipping is offered both electronically and in print. It is issued electronically every week and in print monthly, with the latter combining the four electronic issues in the same month. The World Expo Newspaper Clipping consists of several sections, including world expo news, world expo economy, urban construction, world expo study and project report, providing the latest news about the world expo, economic challenges, events, urban culture, education and construction related to the world expo, historical document and study about the world expo and reports on the project and construction related to the world expo.

 3. Real Estate Analysis and Reference contains analysis and special commentaries on the related topics from the Hong Kong and Taiwan newspapers and magazines, including mainland real estate policies and rules, investment environment and development, market hot spots and marketing tendencies, as well as real estate investment strategies and business guides from different countries of the world. It was first launched at the end of 1993, and is one of the earliest real estate information materials in Shanghai. It is provided twice a week.

 4. Compendium of Chinese Real Estate Materials is compiled with carefully selected information from newspapers and magazines published in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, covering analysis, commentaries and events about the real estate market. It is an influential reference material in the Shanghai real estate circle and is well received among professionals. This material is provided once every ten days, and contains 80 A4 sized pages.

 5. Enterprise Analysis and Strategic Decision contains the latest reports and analysis in the newspapers published inside the country, Hong Kong and Taiwan, covering the state-owned enterprise reform, the effects of the macro-economic policy on the state-owned enterprises and the countermeasures, the latest rules and regulations about the modern enterprise system and analysis, scientific enterprise management and strategic decisions, the latest overseas management ideas, industrial analysis, capital market, and the case studies of successful enterprise merges and acquisitions at home and abroad. It is a material with strong reference value for the Chinese enterprise reform and is oriented towards enterprise decision-makers and managers. It is provided once a week, containing 70 A4-sized pages.

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