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Education and Real Estate Management Service

Training and Education Services


Our Training building has three classrooms with respectively 100 seats, 60 seats and 30 seats, one 24-seat multi-media laboratory and one computer room equipped with 108 computers with network connection. Services including: spoken English classes and English Certificate classes, and general English test service for students from Xu Hui, Lu Wan, Jin An and Chang Ning districts.

1, the national professional and technical personnel titles in English training, 2 small languages training. Tel 9301 Zhen Jie 2, 2009, English titles, titles of ancient Chinese, books and information series professional qualification exam prep courses


No. 1413 Huaihai Road (Fuxing Road)


830--1700 Monday-Friday

Fax :

021- 643369986433376964337287



 Real Estate Management and Maintenance Services


Provide real estate management and maintenance services for commercial and public buildings, office complexes and apartments. Services including: cleaning, security, building equipment services, laundry and maintenance services.

Tel No:

021-64339754                    Fax No:021-64333581


1555,Huahai Road (M)


830--1700 Monday - Friday


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