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(Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Shanghai)


The Shanghai Library (Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Shanghai) is a national postdoctoral research center, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Research Center for Public Culture Affairs, the branch of the National Cultural Information Resource Sharing Project in Shanghai, the Shanghai Historical Collection Preservation and Conservation Center, the main library of the Shanghai Central Library System, the "Cutting-edge Technology Development Research Center" of the Shanghai soft science research base, and the Information Center of Shanghai Cultural Creative Industry. The Shanghai Library now has a collection of over 56,000,000 items in Chinese and foreign languages, including unique resources such as rare books, letters and rubbings, celebrity manuscripts, genealogical records and local histories, Western rare books, sheet music, modern newspapers and periodicals, and patents and standards. The Library has a total area of ​​127,000 square meters

The Library abides by the principle of serving the general public and provides free reading and book loan services. The library conducts various forms of Reading for All programmes, attracting millions of people to the Library. The Shanghai Library Lectures and Exhibitions, News Conference of the Initial Launch of Shanghai Library Publishing, Barrier-free Library Services, Collaborative Online Reference Services, Remote Access Services, “Shanghai Memory” Digital Library, and other special services are well-received by the general public at home and abroad.

The Library takes advantages of information services to support scientific research and innovation. The scientific & technical information services focus on the cutting-edge technologies, emerging industries, metropolitan research and other key areas, having a leading position in the country in such fields as technology novelty retrieval, patent analysis, science and technology evaluation, and competitive intelligence. The Shanghai Information Service Platform and the “Source of Creativity” Information Service for SMEs h ave established new models for the industrial information services.

Based on its capacity for information research, the Library provides high quality consulting services for decision-making. With the InforLib Express, Competitive Intelligence, i-Intelligence, media assessment and other high level research information services, the Library offers a variety of decision-making reference information for the field of urban development.

Adapting to the development of modern science and technology, the Shanghai Library has developed new reading experience and ubiquitous knowledge services. The Shanghai Library has taken the lead in opening the New Reading Demo Room, “Innovation Space” and other special reading rooms, and has developed mobile library, text message service, e-book reader loan service and so forth. By launching the "Digital Reading Promotion Plan for Citizens", the Library provides cross-platform digital reading services for the readers. The Library also launches the digital humanities service based on linked open data to realize the opening and interconnection of data on the internet.

The Shanghai Library strengthens professional exchanges and social cooperation, constantly improving the cooperation mechanism of information resources. The Shanghai Central Library relies on the "One-Card-Through" book circulation system and theme library service as the carrier to promote the interlibrary resources sharing. The Shanghai Industrial Information Development Consortium provides the public with scientific and technical information and advisory and consulting services through the "Shanghai Industrial Information Service Network”. As a cultural exchange program with overseas libraries, the "Window of Shanghai" helps to disseminate the Chinese culture, as well as expanding channels for international library professional cooperation.

Quan Guo Bao Kan Suo Yin(CNBKSY), Shanghai Culture Yearbook, Library Journal and Shanghai Scientific and Technological Literature Press focus on both social and economic benefits, and provide readers with quality scientific and cultural information.

The Shanghai Library (Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Shanghai) implements the core values of “delivering the knowledge that helps stimulate wisdom and ignite aspiration through excellent services and sincere cooperation”, carries out the mission of “accumulating culture and contributing to superb knowledge services", and devotes itself to the construction of knowledge service system with knowledge navigation as its core and focuses on both library and information services. The library has developed a knowledge service system that is serving for the general readers, the research communities and the decision-making bodies, and is striving to establish itself as a world-class city library.


 Address: 1555, Middle Huaihai Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, 200031

Tel. 021-64455555   Fax: 021-64455001

Web Site: http://www.library.sh.cn


The Shanghai Library was founded in 1952, and the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Shanghai was established in 1958. In 1995, the two institutions merged to become a comprehensive research public library and center for industrial information.
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