Library Watch
Top 10 Chinese Library News in 2018
1. China's first public library law takes effect
2. Importance is attached to the compilation and research of library history.
3. China merges the Ministry of Culture and National Tourism Administration into Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
4. The fourth batch of demonstration zones (projects) of the national public cultural service system are announced.
5. The 2018 Chinese Library Annual Conference kicks off in Langfang, Hebei.
6. The list of A-level libraries are announced after the sixth evaluation on China’s county-level public libraries or above.
7. The national standards for the evaluation of ancient books using ethnic minorities languages take effect.
8. 2018 witnesses the 20th anniversary of the construction of project CALIS.
9. China encourages open access to thesis.
10. The first annual conference on gray literature kicks off.