Library Watch
Hot topics in China’s library industry in 2018 H1
The first half of 2018 have witnessed many hot topics related to innovation and development in China’s library industry.
-Creating new-type reading space
Many libraries have adopted innovative service modes and explore cross-sector cooperation to promote culture in communities, schools, enterprises and government organizations.
Some libraries have begun to use a credit-based online lending system. After placing an order online, readers can choose to have the book delivered to their home or pick up and return the book at designated spots arranged by the library. The new mode has greatly increased the number of books lent online, accelerated the circulation of books collected by libraries and broadened the readership.
-A library or a bookstore
The convergence of library and bookstore has made it possible that readers can not only borrow books at bookstores, but also read and purchase books at university libraries and at special bookstores and reading spaces created by publishing houses and book suppliers.
The recently-opened Wangfujing Library is located on the sixth floor of Wangfujing Bookstore in Beijing. With the library card, readers can borrow any book from the bookstore without paying for it. Similar practices have been adopted by Xinhua Bookstore in many cities like Beijing, Taiyuan, Nanjing and Wuxi.
-Public libraries targeting children
Children’s books are one of the most popular ones in the book market, and children is an important readership in promoting reading. Although the total number of children’s books is far fewer than that of adults’ books, many people tend to borrow them from libraries, which have attached much importance to this kind of books. Hangzhou Library has spent half of its 4-million-yuan book purchase budget in buying children’s books, mostly related to cartoon, cognitive development and pinyin.
Other practices to encourage children to read include Shenzhen Library which has established a reading file named Children’s Intelligent Bank, Hunan Library which has created a book borrow rank, and Zhenjiang City Library which allows children to exchange training courses with their reading points.