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Nanjing Manifesto on the Development of Librarianship Published
The Nanjing Manifesto on the Development of Librarianship was published at a forum held at Nanjing University on June 19. Consensuses have been reached as follows:

1. It is a glorious duty to develop librarianship in the new era, where opportunities and challenges co-exist.
2. A more comprehensive legal system should be established for libraries. Such laws and regulations are vital to the healthy, sustainable development of libraries. It is a milestone for the enactment of the laws on public libraries, which shall be abided by governments and libraries of all levels.
3. Efforts shall be made to accelerate the research, development and application of new technologies, which will help to quicken the pace of realizing the key value and functions of libraries, to advance the development of libraries, and to enhance libraries’ businesses and services.
4. Library services shall be further strengthened to cater to readers of different levels and demands in different approaches, which is a fundamental task and key value of libraries.
5. The development of librarianship shall adopt a high-quality approach. Innovation shall be encouraged, and efficiency be emphasized to enhance libraries service capability and increase their value. Talent is a fundamental element for the high-quality development of libraries. Importance shall be attached to the construction of the talent pool of all levels.
6. Further efforts shall be made to build all kinds of libraries, achieving an all-around development of public libraries, university libraries and professional libraries. Strategic planning shall be enhanced, while specifi work, such as statistics collection and assessment, shall be consolidated.  Exchanges and cooperation between libraries shall be intensified to achieve a synergetic development.
7. Resources of all varieties shall be given a full play. Social resources are an indispensable part in the development of libraries. Cooperation with such organizations shall be strengthened.
8. Education and research of library science shall be further promoted. A bold reform shall be adopted to the related courses to perfect the knowledge structure and explore more areas based on the core of library science