The Silk Road International Library Alliance was founded in Chengdu

The Silk Road International Library Alliance was founded during an academic seminar held at Sichuan Provincial Library in Chengdu on May 28, 2018.

The establishment of such an alliance was first proposed by Sun Yigang, assistant director of the Natinal Library of China, during the second Silk Road International Forum in September 2015.

Libraries are a vital venue to preserve and protect historical documents, and also a key base to conduct cultual exchanges. It is the responsibilities for libraries around the world to respect cultural legacies, maintain research findings and conduct exchanges and communications. Efforts should be made to achieve co-development and cooperation.

During the seminar, delegates from the alliance's member countries discussed the operational mechanism and  development plan of the alliance, as well as potential partnership between each other.

In additon, the seminar also announced a manifesto on the co-development of libraries and bookstores. In the co-development mode, a reader can borrow a book at a bookstore and buy a book at a library. Readers are also becoming the decision maker for libraries to purchase books. In other words, a library's book purchase and collection will be based on the books borrowed by its readers, instead of the other way around.