Leo Ou-fan Lee visits the Exhibition of Treasures of the British Literature

In the afternoon of April 12, the ongoing exhibition “Where Great Writers Gather: Treasures of the British Library” met a VIP before its closure, Mr. Leo Lee, a.k.a. 李欧梵, a professor of Chinese University of Hong Kong and an internationally renowned humanities scholar.


Professor Lee, who came all the way to visit the exhibition, was welcomed by the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of the Shanghai Library. A meeting was arranged between Lee and the curation team at the exhibition site, where he expressed deep interest in the exhibition items, and spoke highly of the extensive and varied fine collection the Library boasts, as well as the excellent skills and expertise in preservation and conservation showcased by the professionals.


Leo Ou-fan Lee was graduated from the Foreign Language School of the Taiwan-based NTU, and received his doctoral degree from Harvard University and the title as Honorary Doctorate in Humanities from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He taught at Chicago University, Princeton Univerity, Harvard University and Chinese University of Hong Kong.