Ceremony awards finalists of 5th Shanghai Get-together Writing Contest
The awarding ceremony of the 5th Shanghai Get-together Writing Contest was held on the afternoon of November 30 at Shanghai United Media Group.
Organized by Shanghai Library, the contest attracted 251 entries from 42 countries and regions this year, who shared their experiences, observations and thoughts on the city.
After five months of collecting and appraising entries, the judges decided one winner for the first prize, three for the second and four for the third.
More than 80 people attended the awarding ceremony and some of the winners delivered speeches.
The Shanghai Get-together Writing Contest was launched in 2010, aiming to reflect the characteristics of Shanghai and Chinese culture in the eyes of foreigners. The number of entries and their quality have been growing through the years.
The first and second prize winners flew all the way to Shanghai from the countries to attend the ceremony. Shanghai Library also invited its partners of Window of Shanghai project, who expressed their love and passion for the city.