Library Watch
China-Singapore Friendship Library opens to public

Located at the China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City in Binhai New Area, an intergovernmental project between the two countries, the building has five floors above the ground and a total of 67,000 square meters in floor space. It is surrounded by the China-Singapore Friendship Park and adjacent to the Gudao River in the north and west. It is a smart library that features some practices adopted by the National Library of Singapore, including robots that shelve books and help readers navigate, and barcodes that can be scanned by readers’ smartphones as a way to borrow books.


Apart from the main building, the library also has seven branches in different communities, schools and institutions, which share the same database of book lending. In the future, the library will establish a three-tier service system covering the main building, the branches and the mobile service stations. Currently, three mobile stations are under construction in the fitness center of the eco-city, the community youth psychological counseling room and the Beitang community.
China-Singapore Friendship Library signifies a transformation from a traditional library that specializes in collecting and lending books to a modern library that focuses on sharing and communication. Apart from the public reading area, the library also has a public cultural sharing space, cultural and artistic training space, children’s zone and innovation space.