Shanghai Library hosts photo exhibition on history of library building
Shanghai Library hosted a photo exhibition on September 27, 2017, telling citizens the stories along the history of its library building and looking to build a world-class hybrid library in the future. On the site of the exhibition, readers can even directly “read” the glittering future library.
The photo exhibition displays the history and outlook of the Shanghai Library building in its different phases, including the earliest building in 1952 when the library was founded on Nanjing Road W., the merge of four libraries into one (Shanghai Library, Shanghai Historical Document Library, Shanghai Science Library and Shanghai Newspaper Library), the merge of Shanghai Library and Institute of Scientific and Technological Information of Shanghai, the completion of the new library building on Huaihai Road M. and the groundbreaking of Shanghai Library East. The exhibition consists of four sections – Looking back to yesterday, Reading and savoring today, Continuing to write about tomorrow and Suggestions to Shanghai Library East.
Currently, Shanghai Library is expecting the completion of its east branch in the Pudong New Area. On the morning of the day when the exhibition kicked off, the construction of Shanghai Library East also started in Pudong’s Huamu Area. On the site of the exhibition, a section featuring readers’ suggestion was set up for visitors to leave their messages, including wishes, thoughts, demands and suggestions, to Shanghai Library and its east branch.
The exhibition is located on the first floor of Shanghai Library and runs until October 8.