Shanghai Library Donates E-books to National Library of Latvia

A ceremony of Shanghai donating electronic books to the National Library of Latvia was held on the capital of Riga on September 8, when the "Window of Shanghai" e-book Platform was also established in the National Library.

Andris Vilks, curator of the National Library of Latvia, said his library boasts the largest collection of Chinese books in the Baltic Sea area. The e-books donated by Shanghai have enriched the e-book database of his library, and the "Window of Shanghai" platform has also opened a window for Latvian citizens to better understand China.

During the ceremony, Yin Yicui, Chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai People's Congress, also donated 23 Chinese New Year paintings and a series of picture-story books telling the stories about the creation of the world based on Chinese mythology. The series contains 30 books, each telling a story written in both Chinese and English.

Shanghai Library's "Window of Shanghai" project is one of the key parts of China Book International Program. It aims to give an all-around introduction of China's history, culture and developments since of reform and opening up, by donating domestically-published books to foreign libraries and book collecting institutions.