"Window of Shanghai" Boosts "Amazing Shanghai" in Southeast Asia
In response to The Belt and Road Initiative, and in order to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Shanghai and other sister cities in Southeast Asia, "Amazing Shanghai" activity was held in Sri Lanka, Colombo, Bangkok and other places during August 24 - 26, acquiring great attention and support in local community.

Bangkok – perceiving Shanghai in the lens
Local time on August 25, "Amazing Shanghai" Thailand activity officially launched in Bangkok City Library, during which a week-long "Shanghai-themed Exhibition" was dedicated to the Bangkok City Library and over 500 books and photography works were presented to introduce Shanghai's development and people's lives.

Sri Lanka - what is it like in Shanghai
Local time on August 24, "Amazing Shanghai" opened in Colombo, capital of Sri Lankan, which is the second time in three years Shanghai held promotional activities in the local. At the opening ceremony, the "Window of Shanghai" presented more than 500 Chinese books to the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, with eye-catching book series like "Creating the World - Comic Book Series on Chinese Creation Myths ".

"Amazing Shanghai" debuting in Astana
Local time on August 28 afternoon, "Amazing Shanghai" city promotion activity made its debut in 2017 Astana World Expo, showing the beauty of Shanghai to visitors around the world. Upon this opportunity, the Shanghai Library also opened a new window to the local university library and made its first round of book donation including the highly recommended "Creating the World - Comic Book Series on Chinese Creation Myths ".