Library Watch
Ministry of CultureExplicates the Future Direction for Public Libraries Nationwide
Recently the Ministry of Culture published the “Strategic Plan for China’s Public Libraries during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, with an outlook for the year 2020 for a streamlined national public library network, enhanced capacity of resource services, the establishment ofthe central-branch library system at the county level, the substantially improved standardization and equalizationstatus, the popularized application of the cutting-edge ICT and internet technologies, the facilitated corporate governancemechanism, the optimized overall structure of human resources, the assured policy and legal guarantees, the more and deeper community involvement, and, as a consequence, the continuous enhancement of the public satisfaction.

The Strategic Plan has highlighted eight key missions, i.e., to perfect public library service network, to sharpen the competitiveness of library resource services, to increase the service efficiency by making the library more equitably accessible, to lift the digital service capacity through application of the innovative technologies, to inherit and promote the Chinese cultural traditions via more effective exploitation and utilization of the library resources, to update the regulatory and standard compliance, to innovate mechanism of governance and administration, and to facilitate international exchange and cooperation to boost the international influence.

These eight missions include 26 tasks and 19 programs.