Director CHEN Chao Meets with Mr. PAN Huadong, Director of the University of Macau Library
On June 1, 2017, Mr. Pan Huadong, director of the Library of the University of Macau, made a special visit to the Shanghai Library. Director Chen Chao and other relevant staff gave a warm welcome to Mr. Pan.
During the meeting, Director Pan expressed great appreciation for the innovation and development of the Shanghai Library in recent years. The two sides exchanged views on the transformation and breakthrough of the public library community, with many common views coinciding with each other.
Director Pan actively participated in the SILF Forum held by the Shanghai Library as early as 2004, and he has a deep feeling for the Shanghai Library as well. During the visit, Director Pan cordially invited Director Chen Chao to visitthe Library of the University of Macau at his earliest convenience.