Cross-Strait Forum Held at Shanghai Library
The 2017 Shanghai-Taipei Forum in conjunction with the third Cross-Strait Summit on Ancient Publications, themed “The Root and Inheritance of the Chinese Civilization”, took place at Shanghai Library on June 15.

The Forum was hosted by the Counselors’ Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and Shanghai Library, with joint efforts by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Shanghai East Asia Institute, the Ancient Books Preservation and Conservation Association of Taiwan, and support from the SETV (Shanghai Education Television) Station and the Taiwan-based Want Daily.

Attended by some 150 renowned scholars from both sides of the Strait, the event was devised to highlight the Chinese ancient books and cultural inheritance in an attempt of furthering the inter-city cultural exchange between Shanghai and Taiwan.

The annual Shanghai-Taipei Forum designed to discuss the political and economic issues was initially launched in 2011. The Cross-Strait Summit on Ancient Publications started in 2015 and is held yearly ever since.

This year’s event at Shanghai Library aimed to dig deep into the essence of the Chinese culture and to bring the Chinese culture to the people of the rest of the world. Focus was laid on the means of how to stimulate the interest of teenagers from both sides of the Strait in the Chinese traditional culture and to spread the cultural knowledge.