Library Watch
Library Sharing: Save Time, Money and Energy for the Users
Recently, bicycle sharing is booming in China, and a book sharing platform entitled “Book Borrower” is drawing public attention as well. It is an online book borrowing platform, on which, the readers can borrow books without restrictions of time or quantity, and receive books at home.
The operation pattern of “Book Borrower” is that, after the user chooses a book, “Book Borrower” will collect from the user certain service fee and cash deposit according to the book price. The cash deposit equals to the book price, and the service fee consists of express courier fee and packing fee. After the user places an order for a book, “Book Borrower” will buy the book with the user’s cash deposit, and then, send the book to the user by express courier. After reading the book, the user can decide whether or not to return the book to designated address and to pay wear-and-tear fee. The user will receive the cash deposit within 24 hours after applying for refunding the same.
“Book Borrower” adopts a mode in which the user places an order for a book before the platform buys the book, and therefore, book type is focused on bestsellers. However, as long as a user applies for a book, “Book Borrower” will buy it. Now, the “Book Borrower” users are mostly office workers and college students, with female users accounting for 64%.
To maximally avoid the demerits in book buying and borrowing is what “Book Borrower” is striving to do. Now, “Book Borrower” is developing “Book Taker” plan to make book borrower book taker, and is planning to build warehousing centers in Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Shanghai where the “Book Borrower” users are concentrated, so as to realize faster and cheaper book delivery.