Library Watch
City’s Study Realizes 24-Hour Reading
In recent years, a 24-hour free DIY library, namely, city’s study, appeared in Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province. Most of these “city’s studies” adopt the mode of 24-hour opening and DIY service, so that the readers can borrow books therefrom all day long.
In 2014, the first 24-hour city study was opened in Wenzhou (Zhejiang Province). As of 2016, 25 city’s studies had been opened in the city. Similar 24-hour city studies have been opened in Hangzhou, Yangzhou, and part of Shanghai.
Based on information technology and radio frequency identification technology, DIY book borrowing is realized at a 24-hour DIY city’s study. Just with a library card issued by any local library, the reader can borrow a book quickly from a city’s study, and borrow and return books at all local city’s studies.