Library Watch
China Read – A National Cultural Project that Discovers Chinese People’s Reading Habits
The China Read project released its ultimate reading list in Hangzhou on November 26, 2017.
With a rapidly-growing number of books, it has become increasingly difficult for readers to choose a book that suits their tastes. The China Read project provides an instructive, targeted and comprehensive book recommendation service by integrating the resources from libraries, book sales and publications, and experts and scholars, adopting a dissemination approach that suits citizens’ lifestyle and social development, analyzing citizens’ reading habits, interests and demands based on a systematic research and comparison on the reading trends and data within a certain period of time.
The China Read list is a comprehensive summary of China’s reading situation, recommending books based on borrowing data and sales volume. It provides the public with a credible and indicative recommended book list based on the reading circulation data of libraries and the sales data of publishers.