Intelligence and Inclusiveness: Braving the New Era — Shanghai Society for Library Science Hosts Annual Academic Conference
The Shanghai Society for Library Science hosted its 2017 annual academic conference at Fudan University on December 26. The theme of the conference is Intelligence and Inclusiveness: Braving the New Era. “Intelligence” refers to the interconnected, efficient and convenient practical technology for libraries, while “Inclusiveness” reflects the principles of public service provided by libraries, which is diversification, equality and understanding. We’ve witnessed a new era, new theories and new practices in the development of public cultural services and Internet information technology. How to adhere to the principle of inclusiveness and how to use the intelligence technology are the two major questions that library research scholars and librarians need to answer. During the conference, many experts and scholars expressed their ideas on the theme and delivered their speeches on how the professionals in Shanghai’s library industry should brave the new era.
During the opening ceremony, the Humanities and Social Sciences Data Research Institution of Fudan University was unveiled, a new panel of academic committee was established, two awards were given on the excellent organization of academic activities, and the Shanghai Teenagers Reading Report was released.