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Pilot program launched for National Public Culture Cloud
To reach the goal of perfecting public cultural service system, implementing people-oriented cultural projects, and enriching the diversity of cultural activities for the public, a pilot program has been launched by the National Public Culture Development Center under the Ministry of Culture to promote the National Public Culture Cloud project, with a view to wipe out the imbalance and inadequacy in the development of public digital cultural services.
Powered by the Ministry of Culture, the National Public Culture Cloud is a one-stop public digital cultural service platform that allow users, mostly county-level institutions or below, to browse, search for and order cultural services on demand. Its five key functions are live stream sharing, resource-on-demand, event booking, venue navigation and big data analysis. People can obtain all these services through their mobile phone, computer and the public service all-in-one machine.
The National Public Culture Cloud will be officially launched at the annual meeting of China Public Culture Centerthe to be held at the end of November.