Meeting held at Shanghai Library to sum up the 15th anniversary of Window of Shanghai
A summing-up meeting on the 15th anniversary of the launch of Window of Shanghai was held at Shanghai Library in the afternoon of November 17, 2017.
Launched in 2002 by Shanghai Library and incorporated into the China Book International (CBI) in 2004, the Window of Shanghai is a cultural exchange brand aimed to promote Chinese history and culture to the overseas readers by donating domestically-published books to foreign libraries and book collection institutions. So far, Shanghai Library has partnered with 138 institutions in 66 countries and regions all over the six continents in the world to launch the Window of Shanghai project, donating 93,274 volumes of paper books and 10,059 electronic books. It has also partnered with 45 libraries and research institutions in 28 countries along the Belt and Road route
During the meeting, representatives with the National Library of China, Hangzhou Library and China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation introduced the latest development of their own projects, such as Window of China, Image of West Lak and China Pavilion respectively.
Window of Shanghai will continue to implement its innovation-driven, sustainable, meaningful and quality development.