Library Watch
Book-sharing Service Helps the Promotion of Civil Reading
October 16 marks three months since the opening of what is called the world’s first shared bookstore in Hefei, capital of east China’s Anhui Province.
At the branch of Xinhua Bookstore in Sanxiaokou subdistrict, readers can take out two books which have a value less than 150 yuan for free on a single loan, after downloading the Intelligent Study app and paying a 99-yuan deposit.
A total of nearly 80,000 books had been borrowed within one month since the launch of the book sharing service.
After the opening of the shared bookstore in Anhui, the book sharing service has been expanded to many other bookstores, libraries and even banks in cities like Shanghai and Beijing, to provide a new platform that ensures everyone has access to reading books.
Shanghai: Library card accepted at bookstores
As long as readers holds a membership card of Shanghai Library, they can borrow books for sale at Dayin Bookmall, and the borrowing records are synchronized with their personal data stored at the library. Since the service was launched in June, more than 2,000 books have been borrowed. These books will not be put on the shelf again after they are returned. When a book is borrowed for the first time, a bar code will be stuck inside the book by the bookmall staff to indicate that the book will be one of the library collections. Once it is returned, the book will be handed over to the library.
Beijing: Banks tap into shared book market
Starting from the end of July, book borrowing service has been available at two branches of China Everbright Bank in Beijing. At the bank’s Wanliu branch in Haidian District and Wangjingxi branch in Chaoyang District, local resident can borrow books by scanning the bank’s QR code to follow its WeChat service account, registering with their mobile phone number and paying a 99-yuan deposit.