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First book on history of Chinese libraries published
A History of Chinese Libraries, the first book of its kind in China, was published in Beijing on October 12. The four-volume set has a total word count of more than 2 million, telling the history of libraries in ancient China, modern China and contemporary China, with an appendix.
A History of Chinese Libraries is China’s first book on the general history of Chinese libraries. It comprehensively records the history of book collection and development of libraries in China from Qin Dynasty (221 to 206 BC) till today, and also sums up the achievements and experience in China’s cause of development of libraries. The book aims to conduct a thorough observation and introspection on China’s cause of development of libraries under the greater context of social and historic development, by recording the history of the collection and management of books over the past 3,000 years. Particularly, the book fills the gap by conducting a systematic research on the history of libraries since the founding of New China.