The Light of Cathay – the Fantastic Art of the Chinese Puppetry

        Lecturer:Zhao Genlou, state level A scriptwriter, famous artist for Chinese puppetry
        Time:2pm, October 28 (Saturday), 2017
        Venue: Multifunctional Hall, 4th floor, Shanghai Library (1555 Middle Huaihai Road)

        Sponsor: 171007


A prolificscreenwriter and director of shadow plays and puppet plays, Mr. Zhao Genlou has been succeeded in breathing new life to the puppets with his innovative style.

This lecture will lead you to a magic tour of the Chinese puppetry and offer you with an impressive experience of a combination of presentation and live performance.



Mr. Zhao Genlou, the state level A scriptwriter, famous artist for Chinese puppetry, senior director

How to attend the lecture:
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3)    Audiences are kindly requested to come to the venue at least 30 min in advance to pick up the entry tickets with your reservation information.