16 Excellent Lectures Are Waiting for You at 2016 Shanghai Book Fair - Cultural Forum
“2016 The Fragrance of Books • The Summer in Shanghai - Serial Lectures on Renowned Writers and Musicians’ Works” will create a phenomenon again. In the 8 days from August 17 to 24, Shanghai Library will organize 16 lectures on economy, culture, literature, science, music, and religion to be given by more than 20 experts and writers from home and abroad.
On August 17, with the famous violin concerto The Butterfly Lovers (“The Destiny of Violin Concerto The Butterfly Lovers - An Appreciation of Chinese and Foreign Symphonies”) and the image of San Mao created by Mr. Zhang Leping (“The Realistic Meaning of Reading the Cartoon Books with “San Mao” as the Hero) as the themes, Professor Tao Xin from Shanghai Conservatory of Music will analyze for the audience the stories in classical music and their connotations, and Zhang Leping’s son Zhang Weijun and well-known painter Xie Chunyan will help the audience read the history from cartoons and further, the future from the history.
On August 19, Mr. Zhou Gongxin, the former director of the Palace Museum in Taipei, will give a lecture entitled “How to popularize the Chinese culture” at Shanghai Library, to share with the audience his research fruits.
On August 24, Professor Yue Daiyun, one of the founders of comparative literature in China, will give a lecture entitled “Three Generations of Scholars with One Patriotic Heart - Master of Chinese Culture Mr. Tang Yijie’s Family Stories”. The lecture will focus on Master Tang Yijie’s posthumous manuscript entitled The Three Generations of Our Family to vividly and profoundly demonstrate the political destiny of the three generations of intellectuals in Tang Yijie’s Family in the vicissitudes of Chinese society in the past century and in traditional Chinese cultural and academic inheritance.
Since 2007, Shanghai Library has organized at Shanghai Book Fair - Cultural Forum 120 lectures theming “Meet with Shanghai Library to Experience a Wonderful Life”, and these lectures have played an important role in “recommending good books and advocating reading”.