Shanghai Library Welcomes a New Batch of Löwendahl Collection

A BRIEF yet solemn ceremony was taking place in the afternoon of May 31 in the Bibliotheca Zi-Ka-Wei, Shanghai Library’s branch dedicated to the old foreign-language collections, to celebrate the coming of additional volumes of the “Löwendahl Collection”, the western language rare editions owned and donated by the Swedish sinologist and bibliophile Mr. Björn Löwendahl.

The new arrivals will mingle into the 1551 titles of books donated by Mr. Löwendahl in 2010 to make up an important part of the holdings of the “Research Literature Center for Sino-Western Cultural Exchange”, and will open to the public for research purpose.

The donations, many of them reference books, are authored by European, American and Japanese sinologist with attempt to introduce the Chinese culture to the world, and have witnessed the 20-year-long unwavering efforts made by Mr. Löwendahl himself in facilitating the cultural exchange between the East and West.

In 2010, 1551 titles of publications and manuscripts in some a dozen of western languages between 1477 and 1877 came to join the collection of Shanghai Library as a generous donation from Mr. Löwendahl, who died of illness 3 years later in 2013. After a period of handling of complicated legal procedures, the entire Löwendahl Collection totaling more than 5,000 volumes will be sent to Shanghai in divided shipments.

Mr. Huang Xiangong, the director of Shanghai Library’s Historical Documentation Center, presided over the ceremony of May 31, which was attended by scholarly representatives from Fudan University, Tongji University, Shanghai University, Shanghai Normal University and the SASS Religion Institute. Mr. Zhou Deming, deputy director of Shanghai Library, addressed the event.