The dreams of Tang Xianzu and William Shakespeare
14:00, April 24, 2016
Lectured by: Ye Yang, Professor, UC Riverside

The lecturer will arise and share with the audience the following questions:

How dream, the physiological phenomenon during human sleep, is interpreted by the three Chinese religions, i.e. Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism?

How dreams are expressed in the traditional Chinese literature, as well as discussed and analyzed by what is nowadays the “western culture” evolved from the Greek-Roman classics and the Hebrew-Jewish Christianity heritage?

And how the elements of the dream are employed in the works of the 16th century Ming dynasty playwright Tang Xianzu, and his coeval William Shakespeare of Britain, who were living afar on a distance spanning the Eurasian continent, and correlated to each other’s cultural origin? What are the similarities and differences when they artistically embellish the “dream”?