Tang Xianzu and his “The Peony Pavilion”

14:00, May 28, 2016
Lectured by: Cheng Pei-kai, Director and professor of the Chinese Civilization Centre, City University of Hong Kong

Tang Xianzu makes outstanding contributions to the Ming-and-Qing dynasty Chinese literature and drama, offering irreplaceable resources for the Chinese cultural and artistic studies. His major plays, collectively called “Four Dreams” and are still being staged in many theaters today, are known as the example of the Chinese classical drama.

Entering the 21th century, “The Peony Pavilion”, recognized as the best play Tang ever wrote, has been revived by challenging the previous staged styles and introducing new mode and techniques of performance. By raging among the new generation “cultural”, the success of the renovated adaption of “The Peony Pavilion” shows the opportunity of transforming the Chinese cultural traditions in an innovative fashion.

The Multifunctional hall, 4th floor, Shanghai Library
1555, Huai Hai Zhong Lu
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