Maintaining Cultural Traditions and Celebrating the New Year – Shanghai Library’s Cultural Feast with Exhibitions, Music, Pictures and Traditional Cuisine for 2016 Spring Festival
With the Chinese New Year approaching, the Shanghai Library will launch a series of exhibitions and lectures with the theme Maintaining Cultural Traditions and Celebrating the New Year, presenting beautiful music, pictures and traditional Chinese cuisine, and providing the general public with a cultural feast for the 2016 Spring Festival.
                                                                         Li Yan, a painter                     Monkey Mother and Her Children 
On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Shanghai Library and Li Kuchan Memorial Museum jointly invite Professor Li Yan, a painter well-known in the country for his monkey paintings to hold the exhibition "One Hundred Monkeys Celebrating the Spring Festival and An Auspicious New Year". From the afternoon of February 1 to February 15, more than 80 monkey paintings will be on display. Mr Li Yan's monkeys are drawn vividly, like lively children, specifically presenting such motifs as blessings, long life, happy family gatherings and playing games, as well as highlighting mother-child attachment and family harmony. These paintings are rather popular and well-received by the general public.
                                     Kong Xiangdong                                     Ni Yibin                                         Shen Jialu
The Spring Festival series of the Shanghai Library Lecture has always been “hot” in the eyes of the audience. The pianist Kong Xiangdong, who was born in the year of monkeys, is pleased to be invited to give a lecture at the Shanghai Library on February 11. He will discuss the topic "I Music I Love I Share". The renowned pianist Kong Xiangdong is praised by the Western media as "a truly exciting and talented pianist of the century" and "a genius of his generation". How does Kong Xiangdong think of music? How do other people enjoy music in a new way? How can we hold on to music in the flood of technology? Let us come close to Kong Xiangdong’s music and let him tell you what is music.

We Chinese are no stranger to homophonic auspicious meanings. In fact, in the traditional Chinese art such examples are numerous. At 2 o’clock on February 12, Dr. Ni Yibin from the University College London will give a lecture on the topic "Celebrating An Auspicious New Year – the Auspicious Culture in the Chinese Traditional Arts", discussing and interpreting the sources of auspicious meanings. The speakers will give the audience a full demonstration of his discoveries through many years’ research.

In the eyes of the Chinese people, the Spring Festival is the time for family reunion and renewing family attachments. "The Taste of Old Shanghai: A Bite of Nostalgia" is a lecture given by Shen Jialu, a writer and gourmet. He will present his poetic interpretation of the Shanghai cuisine with his own life experience. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon on February 13, Shen Jialu will discuss the various foods with the traditional Shanghai taste that will arouse nostalgic feelings about the old Shanghai.

This is the cultural feast for the 2016 Spring Festival, with beautiful exhibitions, music, pictures and traditional Chinese cuisine offered by the Shanghai Library.