Shanghai Library Lectures in August 2015


Serial activities at Shanghai Book Fair

How To Read Historic Books?

Ge Jianxiong (professor of Fudan University)

2015-8-19 (Wednesday) 9:30

Lecture hall(public)

To Build a Scientific and Technical Innovation Center that Has a Global Influence (to be determined)

Xiao Lin (head of Development Research Center under Shanghai Municipal People’s Government), Shou Ziqi (head of Shanghai Municipal Scientific and Technical Commission), Du Debin (professor of East China Normal University; head of Scientific and Technical Innovation and Development Strategy Research Center)

2015-8-19 (Wednesday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)


Traditional Refugees: Wales Women’s Writing and The Rice Paper Diaries

Francesca Rhydderch (Wales writer)

2015-8-19 (Wednesday) 19:00

Lecture hall(public)

2015 Shanghai Wise Women’s Reading Forum

Zhang Kangkang (honorary chairman of Heilongjiang Provincial Writers’ Association), Su Xiaoqing (chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Writers’ Association), Chen Ruoxi (Taiwan writer), Wang Xiaoying (writer), Wang Liping (national Grade 1 screenwriter), and Pan Yaoming (Hong Kong writer)

2015-8-20 (Thursday) 13:30

Lecture hall


Forerunners Who Led China to Modernization - Statesmen in the Late Qing Dynasty Seen in Old Photos

Jiang Ming (military expert)

2015-8-20 (Thursday) 19:00

Lecture hall(public)

A Long-time Wish - Men and Women in Black and White under My Pen

Liu Qingbang (writer; vice chairman of Beijing Writers’ Association)

2015-8-21 (Friday) 10:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

Resonant National Anthem

Xue Fan (musicologist and translator) and Chen Zhiyin (senior editor, vice chief editor of Music Weekly, and musical critic)

2015-8-21 (Friday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

Truth and Lies in Fiction

Simon Van Booy (British writer)

2015-8-21 (Friday) 19:00

Lecture hall(public)

Stories about the Silk Road

Rui Chuanming (researcher of Institute of Historical Research under Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)

2015-8-22 (Saturday) 9:30

Multifunctional hall (public)

Back to the Countryside

Sun Huifen (writer; vice chairman of Liaoning Provincial Writers’ Association)

2015-8-22 (Saturday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

My Creations and Australia

Grant Caldwell (Australian writer)

2015-8-22 (Saturday) 19:00

Lecture hall(public)

Rao Jiaju: Father of Refugees and Friend of China - a Dusty Past in Refugee Area

Su Zhiliang (professor of Shanghai Normal University)

2015-8-23 (Sunday) 9:30

Multifunctional hall (public)

Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and I - Spiritual Geography on a Hinterland in Asia

Shen Wei (writer and poet)

2015-8-23 (Sunday) 14:00

Lecture hall(public)

The Cultural Spirit behind Sparkling Stars

Cheng Shuoji (Korean writer) and Xiao Bai (Chinese writer)

2015-8-23 (Sunday) 19:00

Lecture hall(public)

The Value of the Paintings Entitled 40 Scenes in Yuanmingyuan Garden

Guo Daiheng (professor and doctoral tutor of College of Architecture under Tsinghua University) and Xu Zhongliang (head of Shanghai Far East Press)

2015-8-24 (Monday) 9:30

Multifunctional hall (public)

Travels that Digest Books

Chen Danyan (writer) and Wang Yonghao (professor of Fudan University)

2015-8-24 (Monday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

Two Foreign Eighth Route Army Soldiers’ Love for China

Shen Haiping (secretary-general of Song Qingling Foundation)

2015-8-25 (Tuesday) 14:00

West Wing 5304

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