“Shanghai’s Color, Smell and Taste - An Exhibition of Zhao Zuoliang’s Design Manuscripts” Opened in “Shanghai Living Room” of Shanghai Library
On the afternoon of July 13, “Shanghai Living Room” of the Historical Literature Center under Shanghai Library was formally opened, and the first exhibition ever held there - “Shanghai’s Color, Smell and Taste - An Exhibition of Zhao Zuoliang’s Design Manuscripts” - was opened at the same time, where Mr. Zhao Zuoliang donated his manuscripts to Shanghai Library.
“Shanghai Living Room” is located in the Local Literature Reading Room on the first floor of Shanghai Library. After redesign and decoration, “Shanghai Living Room” will interact with the readers in the forms of saloon, seminar and exhibition. It performs the social functions of a library as “the second living room of local residents”, adding warmth to local residents’ “public study”.
In this spring, famous package designer Zhao Zuoliang donated to Shanghai Library his package design manuscripts of more than 240 famous Shanghai products, thus becoming the first donator of package design manuscripts. Vice Curator of Shanghai Library Mr. Zhou Deming accepted the donation on behalf of Shanghai Library. The manuscripts cover the trademarks or product packages of famous brands such as He Wine (a yellow rice or millet wine), Wang Baohe Wine (a yellow rice or millet wine), Rong’s Corn Oil, Shikumen (stone building in old Shanghai) Shanghai Wine (a yellow rice or millet wine), Yizhiding (very good) Food, and Bright Dairy. They not only enrich the collections of Shanghai Library, but also add a new job to Shanghai Library, namely, to collect and study manuscripts.
Curator of Shanghai Library Mr. Wu Jianzhong once said in an interview, “Some history is recorded with the aid of art. Through these condensed wisdoms, we can feel the thoughts behind. If an artist makes creations based on his understandings of social life, his works will have the distinct features of the times he is in.” The design visions of the first exhibition in “Shanghai Living Room” are also to make efforts to preserve the local cultures of Shanghai and to record the cultural brand of a unique age.

Exhibition time: July 13-26, 2015
Zhao Zuoliang was born in Shanghai in 1944. As one of the designers of the mascot of World Expo 2010 Shanghai - “Haibao”, he is an expert enjoying the special subsidy from the State Council and Grade A designer of International Commercial Art Designer Association. He designed the serial packages of Shikumen Shanghai Wine and the logos of Guinness World Records and Shanghai Spring International Music Festival.