Shanghai Library Lectures in May 2015

Superfine Teacher’s Lectures

“How to Get Rid of the Fear of Writing a Composition?”

Huang Ronghua (superfine teacher of Chinese)

May 15 (Friday) 19:00

2F Lecture Hall (public) (west wing)

“Family - the Haven for Children to Grow Up”

Dai Yaohong (superfine teacher of moral education)

May 22 (Friday) 19:00

2F Lecture Hall (public) (west wing)

“Children Study This Way”

Ying Caiyun (superfine teacher of preschool education)

May 29 (Friday) 19:00

2F Lecture Hall (public) (west wing)


“Social Entrepreneurship Will Boom, Definitely”

Chao (vice director of Population, Resources and Environmental Construction Committee under CPPCC Shanghai Branch; founder and director of NPI Public Welfare Organization Development Center)

May 16 (Saturday) 14:00

4F multifunctional hall (public)

“Rules for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Mobile Internet Age”

Wang Yuhao (founder of RRLT; Forbes columnist; Angel Investor)

May 23 (Saturday) 14:00

4F multifunctional hall (public)

“Urban Culture” Series

“From Du Fu to Shelley”

Ye Yang (professor from University of California)

May 17 (Sunday) 14:00

4F multifunctional hall (membership. For members only.)

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the World Anti-Fascist War

“Shanghai - The ‘Noah’s Arc’ for Jewish Refugees”

Pan Guang (head of World History Association of Shanghai; director of Center for Jewish Studies Shanghai)

May 24 (Sunday) 14:00

4F multifunctional hall (public)

“The Friendship between the Chinese People and the Jewish People during World War II”

Wang Jian (vice director of Institute of History, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences; vice director of Center for Jewish Studies Shanghai; Ph.D. adviser)

May 30 (Saturday) 14:00

4F multifunctional hall (public)

“Exiled in Shanghai: Start from the Escape from the Third Reich”

Steve Hochstadt (professor from Department of History, Illinois College (USA))

May 31 (Sunday) 9:30

4F multifunctional hall (public)

“All Come from 1919”

Du Tanghai (Israeli professor from Shanghai Institute of Visual Art; designer of Israel Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai China)

May 31 (Sunday) 14:00

4F multifunctional hall (public)

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