Shanghai Library Lectures in March 2015

Celebrating International Women’s Day

“Independent Women: Get Married or Not - Start from the Drama Sworn Spinster

Chen Mo (senior consulter from Psychological Consulting Center under East China Normal University; psychological health expert)
Zhu Xueqin (head of the R&D Dept. under Women’s College of Shanghai Open University; social gender researcher)
Wang Tianchu (screenwriter and director)

March 1 (Sunday) 14:00

4F multifunctional hall (public)

Our Forum

“Reason with Emotions; Resort to Law Based on Reasoning”

Ma Yahong (head of Arbitration Court of Labor & Personnel Disputes in Changning District)

March 8 (Sunday) 9:30

Room 5304 (public) (west wing)

“Urban Culture” Series and Special Activities for International Women’s Day

“The Happy Fate Which Brings Lovers Together - Married Men and Women in Traditional Chinese Dramas”

Lecturer: Chai Junwei (first-class director; producer of An Appreciation of Excellent Traditional Chinese Dramas)

Performers: Wang Peiyu and Cai Xiaoying

March 8 (Sunday) 14:00

4F multifunctional hall (membership. For members only.)


“Do You Know How to Communicate with Others? - Communication Skills in the Workplace”

Ding Jie (Shanghai occupational guidance expert)

March 15 (Sunday) 14:00

4F multifunctional hall (public)

“The Puzzles of ‘Stay-at-Home Moms’ in the Workplace and Countermeasures”

Xu Cuifeng (Shanghai occupational guidance expert)

March 21 (Saturday) 9:30

4F multifunctional hall (public)

“To Discover Your Character Code - Enneagram and Career”

Gu Yingdan (Shanghai Enneagram tutor)

March 29 (Sunday) 14:00

4F multifunctional hall (public)

“Knowledge and Health” Series

“How to Drive away Fatty Liver Disease, Ask Medical Expert for Help”

Zhuang Hui (member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering)

Fan Jian’gao (head of the Gastroenterology Dept. under Xinhua Hospital)

March 22 (Sunday) 10:00

4F multifunctional hall (public)

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