Shanghai Library Lectures in January 2015

Our Forum

“The Everlasting Charm of Zhou Xinfang’s Style in Peking Opera”

Chen Shaoyun (famous performing artist)

Xie Chunyan (famous art critic)

January  10 (Saturday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

“Shanghai Style Talk Show: ‘The Fashionable Small-eyed Dad’”

Zou Keyao (policeman of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Hongkou Branch Sichuan Road (N) Sub-branch)

January 11 (Sunday) 9:30

Room 5304 (public) (west wing)

“Special Education Is An Art of ‘Slowness’.”

Xie Xiaoshuang (headmaster of Shanghai Xinling Middle School and Shanghai Yangpu District Fengfan Junior Vocational School)

January 24 (Saturday) 9:30

Room 5304 (public) (west wing)

Literature and City (a forum on literary creation)

“Drama and City”

Huang Changyong (professor of Shanghai Theatre Academy)

January 17 (Saturday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

Urban Culture

“Philosophy, the Third Eye that Ascertains Human Nature”

Zheng Zhaoli (assistant dean of College of Philosophy, Fudan University)

January 18 (Sunday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (membership)

For members only.

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