Shanghai Library Lectures in August 2014


“Family Is the Most Important School for Children to Learn How to Adapt Themselves to Society”

Zhao Gang (head of Family-School Partnership Research Center, Northeast Normal University)

August 17 (Sunday) 9:30 Lecture hall (public)

“An Analysis of Children and Adolescents’ Attributes and the Reshaping of Family Education Principles”

Chen Mo (professional consultant in children and adolescents’ psychological problems of Psychological Consulting Center, East China Normal University)

August 31 (Sunday) 9:30 Lecture hall (public)

Literature and City

“From Reading to Book Writing: The Imagination and Shaping of the Masters of a Nation”

Wen Guiliang (professor of Department of Chinese Studies, East China Normal University)

August 9 (Saturday) 14:00 Multifunctional hall (public)

Dreaming in Books

Rilke: Shaped by Public Opinions”

Xiao Kaiyu (poet) and Cao Yuanyong (deputy chief editor of Shanghai Literature & Art Press)

August 9 (Saturday) 19:00 Suite 5304 (public)


“Qi Baishi’s School of Art -- Qi Baishi’s Descendents Talk about Traditional Chinese Painting”

Xiong Zhichun (painter)

August 30 (Saturday) 14:00 Multifunctional hall (public)

Culture Forum of 2014 Shanghai Book Fair

Sponsored by: Shanghai Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, Shanghai Publishers’ Association, Shanghai Writers’ Association, Shanghai Library, and Oriental Morning Post

“The Chinese View of Life and Death”

Lecturer: Zhi An (writer); MC: Gu Wenhao (book reviewer)

August 12 (Tuesday) 19:00 Suite 5304 (public) (west wing)

“The Latter Half of Shen Congwen’s Life”

Zhang Xinying (professor of Department of Chinese Studies, Fudan University) and Chen Sihe (curator of Fudan University Library)

August 13 (Wednesday) 14:00 Multifunctional hall (public) (front gate)

“Charlie Chan, a Famous Chinese-American Detective

Huang Yunte (Chinese-American writer)

August 14 (Thursday) 14:00 Multifunctional hall (public) (front gate)

“A Common Girl Made Her Harvard Dream Come True through Family Education -- The Growth of MENSA Girl Zhang Anqi

Wang Fei (Zhang Anqi’s mother) and Zhang Anqi (MENSA girl and the youngest TOEFL teacher of New Oriental School)

August 15 (Friday) 9:30 Multifunctional hall (public) (front gate)

“From Classicism to Modernism -- Thoughts Provoked by the Western Art at the Turn of the 19th to the 20th Century”

MC: Lu Fusheng (painter and historian); lecturer: Pan Yaochang (Ph. D. advisor of Academy of Arts, Shanghai University)

August 15 (Friday) 14:00 Lecture hall (public) (west wing)

“The Affection between Humans and Books”

Liang Xiaosheng (writer)

August 15 (Friday) 18:30 Lecture hall (public) (west wing)

“Science and Culture & Chinese and Western Education”

Rao Yi (neurobiologist and tenured professor of Peking University) and Jiang Xiaoyuan (head of Research Institute on the History of Science, Science and Culture, Shanghai Jiaotong University and professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University)

August 16 (Saturday) 9:30 Multifunctional hall (public) (front gate)

“My Experiences in the Creation of Le voleur d'ombres

Marc Levy (French best seller writer)

August 16 (Saturday) 14:00 Multifunctional hall (public) (front gate)

Misty Mountains and the Bottleneck in Urban Writing”

Sun Yong (writer) and Sun Ganlu (writer)

August 16 (Saturday) 18:30 Lecture hall (public) (west wing)

“Literature Is Not Merely a Book”

Liu Xinglong (writer)

August 17 (Sunday) 9:30 Multifunctional hall (public) (front gate)

“My Experiences in Vietnam War and My Literary Creation”

Robert Olen Butler (American novelist)

August 17 (Sunday) 14:00 Multifunctional hall (public) (front gate)

“Desire and Desperation -- On the Novels and Cultures of the Late Ming Dynasty”

Ge Fei (writer)

August 17 (Sunday) 19:00 Suite 5304, 3F (public) (west wing)

“The Cultural Implications of Classical Poems”

Ge Xiaoyin (expert in the poems of the Tang Dynasty) and Zhao Changping (vice chairman of China Society of Literature of the Tang Dynasty and staff of Literary History Museum)

August 18 (Monday) 14:00 Multifunctional hall (public) (front gate)

“The Discourse and Cultural Identification between Chinese and Western Countries -- Guqin vs. New Music”

Tian Yimiao (associate professor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music) and Chen Leiji (Guqin Master and guest player at the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games)

August 18 (Monday) 18:30 Lecture hall (public) (west wing)

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