Shanghai Library Lectures in July 2014

Literature and City

"Mao Dun and Shanghai"
Yang Yang (professor of Department of Chinese Studies, East China Normal University

July 5 (Saturday) 14:00 Multi-functional Hall, Free

Special lectures

"A Missing Qin Qiong Creates an Unexpected Humor -- a Mini-Theater Situation in the Art of Peking Opera"
Lan Tian
(renowned young Peking Opera actor who plays old men)

July 5 (Saturday) 18:30 Suite 5304 (public)

Poem Recitation entitled “Heartfelt Wishes in Shanghai”

"The Summertime Brilliance"
Lu Cheng et al

July 6 (Sunday) 14:00 Multi-functional Hall, Free

Dreaming in Books

"Truth Is the Best Story of This Age.
-- A Changing China in an American Journalist's Eyes"
Wang Xiaoyu, Lian Qingchuan, and Li Lei

July 12 (Saturday) 14:00 Multi-functional Hall, Free

Think Tank’s Voice -- On National Economy and People’s Livelihood

"The Financial Innovations and the Risk Prevention and Control on the Internet"
Zhao Yuzi

July 13 (Sunday) 14:00 Multi-functional Hall, Free

Versatility Forum

"On Healthcare with the Aid of Traditional Chinese Medicine"
Ye Jin (curator of
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

July 20 (Sunday) 9:30 Multi-functional Hall, Free

Urban Culture • Dreaming in Books

"On the Worldly Wisdom of the Shanghainese"
Lu Kang, Ma Shanglong, Hu Jianjun, and He Fei

July 20 (Sunday) 14:00 Multi-functional Hall (Membership)

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