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Hubble: 17 Years of Discovery

author: [Denmark] Lars Lindberg Christensen and [UK] Bob Fosbury
isbn: 978-7-5439-5802-9
Publiation:Shanghai Scientific and Technical Literature Press
As a government supported field research center in Hong Kong, Keguan (Visible) Natural Education Center & Observatory was open to the public in 1995, and is devoted to promoting environmental education and astronomic education in Hong Kong and neighboring areas. Besides 0.5-m telescope, the institute is also equipped with many small telescopes. It gives astronomical courses, astronomical observations, in-class trainings, and others, regarding as its missions the promotion, popularization, and improvement of astronomical knowledge in Hong Kong and neighboring areas.
In 2006, the institute became the first in Hong Kong that adopts digital stereo starlab system featuring 24-h digital visual technology, which is a very good tool for astronomical teaching and space experience.