Shanghai Library Lectures in June 2014

Pioneer Career

“OTO -- Suppose an E-business Age for all People”

Li Ye (senior e-business analyst)

June 7 (Saturday) 9:30

Multifunctional hall (public)

“New Thoughts and New Patterns for Entrepreneurship

Li Hong ( School of Entrepreneurship and Business, Shanghai University of Science & Technology)

June 15 (Sunday) 9:30

Multifunctional hall (public)

“The Secret of How to Copy Successful Entrepreneurship

Yuan Xuefeng (one of Top 10 New Entrepreneurs in the 3rd Shanghai New Entrepreneurs Appraisal)

June 21 (Saturday) 9:30

Multifunctional hall (public)

“How Can Entrepreneurship Meet the Requirements of the Capital Market?”

Li Youyang (initial partner of Newsion Venture Capital)

June 29 (Sunday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

Think Tank’s Voice -- On National Economy and People’s Livelihood

“On Talent Development in Shanghai”

Zuo Xuejin (researcher, former standing deputy director of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, and head of Research Institute of Economy)

June 7 (Saturday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

Literature and City

Zheng Zhenduo and Shanghai”

Chen Fukang (professor)

June 8 (Sunday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

Popular Science Series • “One Hundred Thousand Whys

“Let Sunshine Push the World Ahead”

Chu Junhao (academician)

June 14 (Saturday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

Re-reading Classics

“From Horace to Li Taibai: A Comparison between Chinese and Western Poetry”

Ye Yang (professor)

June 15 (Sunday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

Dreaming in Books

“The Power of Novel: Talk from the Contemporary Era

Li Shixue (researcher of Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica)

Chen Sihe (assistant dean of the College of Humanities, Fudan University)

June 20 (Friday) 18:30

Lecture hall (public)

Urban Culture • Re-reading Classics

“The Spirit of Chan and the Wisdom of Life”

Wang Leiquan (professor of Department of Philosophy, Fudan University)

June 22 (Sunday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (membership)

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