Shanghai Library Lectures in December 2014

Our Forum

“With Morals and Virtues, All the Problems Can Be Solved”

Wu Huifang (deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the trade union of Shanghai Jinqiao Economic and Technical Development Zone)

December 6 (Saturday) 9:30

Room 5304 (public) (west wing)

“Co-build the Spiritual Values of Our Community”

Yang Ruming (secretary of the Party branch of Xiuyuan Community, Hongkou District)

December 27 (Saturday) 9:30

Room 5304 (public) (west wing)


“Beyond Text, Surpassing Translation - Modern Translation and Research”

Xie Tianzhen (translator)

Wang Hongzhi (professor of Chinese Literature and Translation Lectures, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Song Binghui (distinguished professor of Shanghai International Studies University in Project 211)

December 6 (Saturday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

“My Fortunate Encounter with Buddha - The Hardship I Have Experienced in Art”

Jiang Xueyan (painter)

December 20 (Saturday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

Professional Education

“An Introduction to Peking Opera”

Yin Wenqing (professional teacher of Shanghai Traditional Opera School)

December 13 (Saturday) 9:45

Multifunctional hall (public)

“On How to Appreciate Chinese Classical Dance and Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance”

Ning Zhi (senior lecturer of Shanghai Dance School)

Lei Ming (Master of Dance Studies)

December 13 (Saturday) 13:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

“Essential Knowledge about Tea and How to Make a Cup of Tea”

Yan Xiaohong (Class-A teacher and tea art master)

December 13 (Saturday) 14:45

Multifunctional hall (public)

“On Er-hu Appreciation - How to Appreciate Er-hu Music”

Wang Lili (well-known Er-hu player)

December 14 (Sunday) 9:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

“A ‘Noisy’ Art - Understand the Art of Porcelain Carving in 90 Minutes”

Cheng Peichu (an heir to the intangible cultural heritage of Shanghai-style porcelain carving and industrial artist)

December 14 (Sunday) 13:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

“Our Stories - ‘Starlight’ Recital in Campus Culture Festival”

Shanghai Secondary Vocational School

December 14 (Sunday) 14:00

Lecture hall (public) (west wing)

Literature and City

“Wang Yuanhua and Shanghai”

Lu Xiaoguang (professor of Department of Chinese Studies, East China Normal University)

December 20 (Saturday) 9:30

Multifunctional hall (public)

Knowledge and Health

“On the Prevention and Treatment of Tumors”

Wang Jiejun (head of Oncology Department, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, and professor)

December 21 (Sunday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

“Keep away from Depression: Behavior and Health Education”

Professor Yang Juxian

Professor Shi Shenxun

December 27 (Saturday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (public)

Urban Culture

“The Wisdom in Daily Life”

Pan Zhaoxi (professor of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

December 28 (Sunday) 14:00

Multifunctional hall (membership)

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