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Sheng Xuanhuai Family

author: Song Luxia
price:RMB 38.00
Sheng Xuanhuai Family is the No. 1 family of Shanghai in the latter-day Shanghai. Mr. Sheng Xuanhuai, the backbone of the family, is an important leader for Chinese industries, who endorses “saving the nation by strengthening it economically” and creates eleven ‘First’ (including the first modern bank, the first telegraph company, the first iron and steel joint enterprise…).

His family and generations to come all live in Shanghai, who used to possess magnificent mansions and tens of millions’ wealth but encounter numerous deadly disasters. As the first family in Shanghai, however, it illustrates the old saying “from clogs to clogs is only three generations” and its ups and downs miniature the modern history of Shanghai.

The book, similar to a piece of documentary writing, bases its materials on authoritative documents and recaptures the rise and fall of a typical Shanghai clan of power with historical photos.